Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top Chef Masters: I'm Just Not That Into It

So I decided I won’t be blogging about Top Chef Masters, after all.
The whole thing just strikes me as Bizarro Top Chef, a shameless attempt by Bravo to capitalize on a name brand series.
I mean, it has a lot of the same elements in place: the music, the Quickfire and Elimination challenges, the judging table, but something just feels kind of off, ya know?
Here's who I really feel sorry for: NotPadma ™, aka Kelly Choi. Look, she’s a lovely woman—a former Ford model and a popular New York television host. But trying to walk in Padma’s shoes (gladiator sandals? Louboutin pumps?) is a tall order. You’re like the act who shared the stage with the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. You’re like the model who came on the runway after Gisele. You’re like Jennifer Aniston. (I kid, I kid. . .)
NotPadma ™, poor dear, you never had a chance.
That being said, it is nice to see foodie goddess Gael Greene as one of the judges. (I still can’t believe NY Magazine let her go.) Maybe she can migrate over to the real show next season. . .

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