Friday, July 17, 2009

When Worlds Collide: Reality TV edition

Did anyone else have their mind completely blown when Taylor Momsen—Jenny on Gossip Girl—showed up on last week’s episode of NYC Prep—aka the reality TV show that purports to be a “real life” version Gossip Girl?
For those who missed it: The hair flipping prep school stud Sebastian took a friend to some sort of exclusive rock concert for and by Upper East Side private schoolers. As he waited in line to get in, Momsen just kind of showed up. She was dressed, Jenny style, in a leather jacket and leggings with her trademark bleached blonde shag and look of permanent teen annoyance.
“The girl in the leather jacket is hot,” said Sebastian’s friend.
Not, “Check it out, there’s Jenny from Gossip Girl!”
Not, “Does that chick look familiar to you?”
Just, “The girl in the leather jacket is hot.”
It was like the real Jenny had somehow broken through the fourth wall of Gossip Girl and was now mingling with the kids from NYC Prep, sort of like that Aha video where the singer gets drawn into the comic book.
My head is spinning with the meta-ness of it all.

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