Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is Not a Top Model Recap

But since certain people—you know who you are—have been clamoring for recaps, I thought I’d give a late season report.

•First of all, I was very touched by the whole Isis storyline, not only because it shed some light on the still-in-the-closet subject of transgenderism, but because I loved how the other models went from “icky poo, she’s a dude!” to being draped all over Isis during giggly late night slumber parties. But bottom line, Isis just wasn’t pretty enough. And she also fell prey to a Top Model cliché—the club girl who finds out that there’s more to modeling than just vogueing fabulously in pictures.

•I still think Brittany went home way too soon. I’ve never really understood the “too pretty to be a model” phenomenon. Yeah, I get that that the three As—awkward, alien-like, and androgynous—are where it’s at right now, but there’s still room in this world for good old fashioned pretty. Brittany brought the pretty.

• I think Marjorie is a good model—she has an uncanny ability to transform from wallflower to superstar in front of the camera—but seriously? She seems more autistic than Heather, the autistic chick from a few seasons ago. And by the way, being French is no excuse for being painfully shy and mousy. French women are actually known for being fierce.

• I don’t agree with McKey that Elina is ugly on the inside, but she does have a no-bullshit, Eastern European reserve that is hard to warm up to.

•Samantha seems like a cool chick but she has no chin and is no model.

•Every season Tyra casts one girl who is basically a drag queen. A few seasons ago, it was Jade. Last season, it was Dominique. This season, it was Sheena.

•Analeigh is my favorite. Not only does she seem like a sweet girl, her look is very in right now—kind of jailbait chic. I can see her doing H&M ads.

•McKey kinda freaked me out with that chainmail vest she was sporting. Her personality hasn’t really come through yet (but if that vest is any indication, maybe that’s for the best). She’s pretty, but in a 90s, Linda Evangelista way. I still think the high cheekbones, legs for days thing is over.

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sgoodl said...

Thank you! Seemed a crying shame to let a whole cycle pass without commentary. I think McKey's the big winner, though I totally agree about her look (and the RenFest refugee "fashion.") All for Isis empowerment and all but, whew, her exit interview with the ginormous plastic earrings and tiara was, to borrow another reality catch prase, a hot mess. NOT pretty. As for Elina...what up with the tattoo on her stomach? It's practically a book - and don't I recall the good old days of ANTM when a tattoo (any tattoo, let alone a Bartlett's) was, in fact, a big deal? Excited about next week - the annual get lost, cry and be DQ'd for arriving late challenge.