Saturday, December 15, 2007

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours . . .

All-time Favorite American Idol contestant: Fantasia Barrino

All-time Favorite Project Runway contestant: Jay McCarroll

All-time Favorite America’s Next Top Model contestant: Lisa “eat a cookie” D’amato

All-time Favorite Top Chef contestant: Sam Talbot (duh)

All-time Favorite So You Think You Can Dance contestant: Danny Tidwell (okay, this whole post was just an excuse to post this picture.)


amy said...

Just to spice it up...and just to be clear, I watch almost every reality TV show so this is just a sample.

All-time Favorite Girls Next Door girlfriend: Holly Madison

All-time Favorite Last Comic Standing contestant: Josh Blue

All-time Favorite Pussycat Dolls contestant: Melissa R.

All-time Favorite Real Housewives of Orange County housewife: Vicki (she's nuts)

Violet said...

All Time Pissy Little Foam Fetishist: Marcel from Top Chef. The man never blinked.

kathryn said...

Since I don't watch all of the above, I thought I would weigh in on some other reality show fave's. But first:

Proj Run: Daniel Vosovic

ANTM: Lisa "the diaper incident" D'Amato

Top Chef: CJ! Oh and Dale, god Bless him and his hot new BF.

** Fave Reality Show Cast: Road Rules Season One.

** Least Fave Reality Show Star who has transitioned: Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Hater.