Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Idol Thoughts

My girl Kate Amara is guest blogging on American Idol today. Enjoy.

Do we really want to see Simon’s Chihuahuas?


We don’t.

Thank you, American Idol camera crew, for ignoring Ryan’s request to zoom in for a “tight shot.”

Other things I picked up on tonight:

1) Did you know there are two mirrors on an iPhone? There’s the shiny little apple on the back for snapping self portraits…and now, thanks to reflection-loving-finalists like Syesha, we learned the blank touch screen is another great way to gaze into your own eyes!

2) Why do the judges insist on ripping apart my gal from Ireland? Sure, I wore her outfit to the mall in my Madonna “the early years” phase…but man – she can sing!

3) It is not a compliment to have Paula Abdul compare your singing voice to a dog. As in, “the high notes that you hit…I think my chihuahuas are gonna come join you on stage.” Not a compliment. Even if you are as hot as Michael Johns. P.S. was he rockin’ a mini version of the Jessica Alba scarf trend?

4) I LOOOOVVVVEEEE the song “Angels”! I can’t wait to hear how the teen sensation pulls it off.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Um…I could have done without the dry ice.

But David A. will get a few texts from me, and as Simon says, “sail through to the next round.” Dang you David – I’m not going to be able to get that song out of my head all week. But DOUBLE-DANG YOU BROOKE! I like that Carole King song even more. Brooke is oddly unsettling in, but she and Jason Castro are the only two finalists who’s music I would download.

5) Open letter to Kristy Lee Cook: Paula’s Chihuahuas already like how you sound, you don’t need to trick them into thinking you’re taking them out for a walk by marching in place while you sing.

6) Watch out. I was hypnotized when Jason Castro looked into the camera with those big eyes and fluttered his lashes at me. After snapping out of it, I noticed I had texted 23 “votes” to 5703.

Do you think that’s enough?


Are you there?

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