Thursday, April 24, 2008

So blonde: The ANTM recap

I learned two very valuable lessons last night during America’s Next Top Model.
For starters, if the slightly pudgy guy with the Eurotrash accent and the blunt cut starts hitting on you at the bar, don’t ignore him. He just might be international super designer Gai Mattiolo.
Also, apparently I’m rooting for Whitney. If you had asked me who my favorite was before last night, I would’ve confidently said Katarzyna. (Well, okay, I would’ve confidently said, “Kat.”) And, indeed, I still think she’s the prettiest of all the girls. And I like her cat walk. (And those awesome, taupe, knee-high boots she was rockin’. . .but I digress.)
But Whitney is such a sweetie. And no dummy, either. After last week’s knowing-what-a-latke-is triumph, this week she clearly identified the Segway. Also, she’s still embracing her inner brunette. “So blonde,” she rolled her eyes over Anya, after Anya misinterpreted Tyra Mail for the zillionth time and face-planted (in a touching tribute to her fallen comrade Claire?) upon arrival in Rome.
So when it was down to Hunchy McLauren, who had clearly just flat-out given up, and Whitney as the Final Two for elimination, I was in a bit of a panic.
To be honest, I didn’t even know why Whitney was in the Bottom Two. Yeah, she was a little over-the-top and cheesy in her Cover Girl commercial. But at least she nailed the Italian, moved ably from one mark to the next, and actually projected a little enthusiasm.
Compared to Dominique, who looked like she was auditioning for a Chiquita Banana commercial, she was money.
But suddenly, at judges’ table, there’s Nigel saying, “Lauren has consistently taken better pictures.” Rut-ro. Wasn’t this arbitrary “body of work” rule what saved Fatima last week?
Thank goodness, Empress Tyra was on Whitney’s side. “I thought she did pretty well,” she shrugged. Game. Set. Match.
So Lauren is back to Brooklyn, where, to be honest, she’s about as “punk rock” as Hannah Montana.
And now the real question: Does anyone else think we’re on a collision course to a Fatima/Anya finale? I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m on Team Whitney and Team Katarzyna. (For the record, I’m also on Team What the Hell is Dominique Still Doing Here.) We shall see.

(An aside: Did Miss J look especially like an Oompa Loompa at judging panel, or is it just me?).


sgoodl said...

Totally with you on Kat...why is this incredibly beautiful girl not getting more attention? (BTW, I wanted to BE her in that airplane shoot, she rocked that wardrobe so well...last night's taupe boots were nothing compared to those thigh-high black suede slouchies.) And, speaking of non-blonde brains (you see I can say that because I'm blonde), did you catch the Kat "speaks multiple languages" comment? Alas, I think Anya (who doesn't even speak English particularly well -where is she from anyway?) is our winner. In the words of Eurotrash designer, she's "so blonde and so thin!" Begging the pardon of Whitney's "I grew up in the South, where curves are a good thing" brethren, the writing's on the wall.

Kate Amara said...

I'm right there with you Max. I must say this every cycle...but If Dominique doesn't go next week...i'm not watching anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

Kwana said...

Great recap. I was also upset at how they were all downing Whitney this week. Lauren had to go. Thank goodness Tyra can appreciate over the top.