Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Orange-ya Glad You Watched?

I’m not the kind of Hillary supporter you’ve been reading about: You know, the ones who defiantly refuse to support Obama or who take umbrage at a million of his perceived slights. Frankly, I don’t want Hillary to be vice president. Better she becomes a kick-ass supreme court justice. As for Obama’s apparent coolness toward her? They were bitter rivals. What do you expect, a sudden love fest?

Just like I said I would, I slapped a (rather fetching, if I do say so myself) Obama sticker on my car the minute he secured the nomination. Bottom line: I’m a Democrat first, a Hillary supporter second. And besides, I love Obama. (I just would’ve loved him that much more in 2016. )

That being said, I knew that Hillary was going to be a good soldier and toe the party line at last night’s convention. I just didn’t know how her speech would make me feel.

It started with that video tribute done by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, the same woman who brought us “A Man From Hope.” That video was almost too good. Yes, there was a fleeting image of Obama—a veritable “where’s Waldo” moment—but for the most part, it was all Hillary all the time. Showed her feminist-geek Yale years, her time as first lady, her closeness with Chelsea, her galvanizing rallies on the campaign trail. Reminded me of why I loved her.

Then, her speech. It was a weird disconnect seeing her up there, because it seemed like a victorious moment. She looked great, sounded great, seemed so confident—she really has found her voice. But she was still just the opening act. It was hard not to reflect on what could’ve been. So yeah, I was bummed.

(To my buddy Mike, who still finds her cold and off-putting: She may not be warm in the Oprah sense, but I sincerely believe in her brilliance and her passion for the working man and I admire the hell out of her strength.)

Yes, I could’ve done without the countless cuts to Bill Clinton over acting from the audience (he broke out more variations on the Clinton lip bite—proud lip bite, sad lip bite, amused lip bite, resolved lip bite— than I even knew existed), and his mouthing of “I love you” was a definite gag-me moment, but I still kinda love him, too.

Beyond that, I think Hillary did what was asked of her.
Could she have been more clear that she wanted her supporters to vote for Obama? No, I don’t think she could have.
Could she have been more effusive and personal in her praise of her former rival? Sure.
Again, I think if she had laid it on thick—talking about some deep friendship that doesn’t really exist—she would’ve seemed disingenous.

As for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits who still won’t vote for Obama? I feel your pain, but get over it, ladies!
Honor Hillary by voting for him. And be sure to watch his speech on Thursday. He’s the kind of speech giver who can make you want to run through a brick wall for him. Or, at the very least, drive a mile or two to the local polling place.

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