Friday, August 29, 2008

This Changes EVERYthing!

Because she's a woman. . .and so is Hillary Clinton. . .and so am I!

You win, John McCain. You win.


gabrielle said...

Well I for one am proud of John McCain for taking one for the team. By 'team' I mean the American people. He has decided to actually lose on purpose. He is brilliant! Of course he is taking the fall because he obviously knows that the current Republican party is void of moral decency, sound fiscal judgment, and women without banana clips in their hair. He knows what is best for America so he has decided to get knocked out...isn't it obvious by his choice in running mates? What a great man.

Joann said...

Hey max- here's a different take from the Toronto paper, Globe and Mail:

"Astonishingly, some people are trying to claim that Sarah Palin's nomination is another breakthrough for women. In fact, it's an insult to women. It's a triumph of marketing, not governing. The message it sends is that after all these years of so-called equality, tokenism still trumps ability and experience. If Sarah's name had been Stan, she never would have got the nod."

Any other moms out there appalled that she sacrified her daughter's privacy at such a critical time in order to take this nomination?

Jennifer said...

No way, Max? NO!!!!