Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dying of Barfness: The Project Runway recap

Welcome to Project Runway Bizarro World!
Tim Gunn wears jeans!
Jillian bleeds!
Chris talks to his garments (and they
answer him!!!)
Tim Gunn sits in the back seat of a mini van!
Ricky wins a challenge!

Okay, I realize that Project Runway is taped months in advance and couldn’t
possibly be responding to the almost deafening real-time, web-wide opinion that Ricky is a ginormous waste of thimbles and thread, but didn’t it seem like Ricky was talking to you (me? us?) when he turned to the camera and rattled off his credentials?
Valentino, Oscar de La Renta, Vera Wang. . .bladdy, bladdy, blah. . . . I’m sorry, Ricky, did you say something? I was still reeling from the knowledge that you actually design those annoying little caps you wear.
The funny thing is, it’s not just the millions of Project Runway fans who want to kick Ricky back to a desk job at Frederick’s of Hollywood. Apparently, his fellow designers feel the same way.
It started at the beginning of the show with Chris yelling, “Get out!” in the general direction of Ricky and continued later, when Christian whined, “Some annoying people are still here” —and. . . enter, stage left, Ricky! (Lenny and Squiggy, eat your hearts out.)
(Let me add to the Bizarro World hit list. As I type this, I just received an email from Levi’s jeans: "Buy the Project Runway Winning Design." It retails for $168, in case you were wondering.)
Okay, I’m not going to drink the Haterade. Ricky’s design may not have been great—yet another lingerie inspired mini tube dress, whoopty do!—but it didn’t deserve to lose. That honor so clearly went to Victorya, who pretty much slapped a skirt on a denim jacket and called it a day, that it was hardly even suspenseful. (Also, the minute she began offering up a “back story”—Victorya has a mother? who sews?—I knew she was a goner.)
In the end, I was impressed with Rami’s ability to work with a fabric other than cotton jersey (and the zipper piping was a nice touch) but I’m still not fully convinced that he “gets it.” (He seems to only change his approach when the materials provided force him to.)
I’m also constantly amazed by Sweet P’s ability to rethink her look. After Tim Gunn stared at her wedding dress in horror, slapping his face like Macauley Culkin after a giant bottle of after shave, she pretty much scrapped the concept and went with a rather chic patchwork tube dress. To be honest, it was my favorite of all the designs.
Christian’s sexy trucker outfit was so
him—ambitious, youthful, edgy. Ahhh, that little piss ant really is a bundle of talent, huh?
Frayed edges and all, I liked Chris’s mini dress more than Ricky’s. But maybe it just looked better on TV?
Jillian’s coat was horrific and all I can say is, she’s lucky that Victorya designed a Canadian Tuxedo For Her.
There’s not much more I can add, except: Victorya apparently thinks all blonde white women look alike (and Sweet P so patiently withstood her insults, it began to remind me of this.) Also, I’m still not quite sure why they had to go to a dirty East River pier to get their denim assignment. And, no, Sweet P, we don’t want to see your foot.


David Dust said...

That is SO funny that you said Victorya thinks all blond white women look alike...RACIST! :)

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kathryn said...

Ricky designed a cute dress for once. The judges practically lost their minds when he sent down a dress that didn't look like it was constructed in Home Ec. But as it happens in every season of every reality show, there is some undeserving schmuck that slips through the elimination cracks and ends up in the last batch of contestants. He should have been sent home for confessing that he makes his godawful caps. V's denim monstrosity was the fashion equivalent of raising a white flag and she def deserved to go home, but that fact that Ricky made it to the field trip epi is so disappointing. I have to tell you that I love the Chris/ Christian duo--hugs and kisses one day, snarky comments the next. Sweet Pea's outfit was super cute. I liked Rami's the best, I think.