Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Oscar

Thought y'all might want to know a little somethin' about my new pup.

Age: 5 and a half months
Breed: Terrier mix
Weight: 13 pounds
Adopted: From Annie's Orphans in Gaithersburg, MD
Ears: Larger than you'd expect
Fur: Smooth, with arbitrary patches of scruff
Disposition: Lovin’ it

Turn ons

Belly rubs
Rolling in dead things
Anything that squeaks
Awesomely large sticks
Shoes (the more expensive the better)
Table ends
Neighborhood kids
Tug of war with Ruby
Ruby’s kibble
Shag rugs
Pointy ears, because they rule

Turn offs

Vacuum cleaners
Car rides
Cats, who mock me from afar
Going to the vet
That one annoying dog at the park
Crate training

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